Water Gardens

...don't have to be complicated!


. .

Felder's front yard water feature has a "fall rock" set atop some other rocks to create a cave; like cupping your hands to holler a long distance, this amplifies and aims the sound of the falling water towards a sitting area. The waterfall is an "add-on" built to one side of a simple water garden that's just a hole lined with rubberized pond liner that is hidden by natural rock.

Here is a shot of my simple back garden water feature - an iron cooking kettle

with a pump and fountain; I merely clean out the leaves and tadpoles as needed.


Here's a big one I made for my mother in the Mississippi Delta with a

large rubberized liner hidden by broken concrete from an old sidewalk

(note the similar "cave" made to one side to make the waterfall sound larger):

Before Planting

Another angle, after plants were established



. . .


This is just a wooden box built on top of the ground, lined with

a pond liner on the inside and with boards on top to hide the liner.