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Gardeners as a Tribe

People tend to gather naturally into groups of like-minded folk – think of all the different sports, religions, politics, and music, each having hierarchies, sub-groups, and fringe elements. Gardeners are no different – and can even be considered a type of “tribe.”

With little but plants in common, we exhibit all the typical stereotypes of a society-within-a-society, an unrelated clan of sorts, spread across the land in diverse settings.

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Plant Societies and Cult Memberships

Too bad there ain’t a gardeners’ gossip tabloid - I could fill one front to back.

Don’t know why, but every few months I hear through the grapevine something about me that simply isn’t true. Like how I hate lawns, roses, and chemicals. And that I’m a terrible gardener.

Well, that last one is true. The others are false.

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Hortiholier Than Thou

Got into brief exchange of words the other day in which I had to smack down a PhD horticulturist when he tried to correct me on something. Not that I feel a need to be right all the time, but in this case I simply had to have my way.

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