Felder's Garden Entry Arbor

with its "green" (planted) roof ... designed by Jackson architect Jeff Seabold, AIA (www.seabold-studio.com)



A few examples of "Green Roofs" Felder has photographed around the world:


Earth- and plant-covered "root cellar"

Volkswagen covered with plants at Dallas Arboretum


Jackson green porch roof by Native Habitats Landscape Architect Robert Poore (ASLA)



Mowed grass roof atop the crew quarters of the old firehouse, one block north of the square in Kosciusko Mississippi

Green Roof playhouse, Memphis Botanic Garden

Green roof playhouse, Chelsea Flower Show, London


Felder's Green Roof Entry Arbor (before and after shots)

The simple but bold green-roof arbor on the right was designed by Jackson, MS architects (AIA) John Weaver and Jeff Seabold (www.seabold-studio.com)

Felder's crude model:

Architects John Weaver and Jeff Seabold at work

Conceptual sketches...

and Jeff's detailed plans:


One step at a time


Felder digs holes - hot summer work!

Setting 16-foot iron beams in concrete

...and framing for strong support

Far Left: A layer of waterproof liner, covered with a layer of drainage material, and topped with a layer of root barrier cloth (to filter water from soil)

Center: Hauling some Stalite PermaTill (permatill.com), a lightweight, non-compacting "heat-expanded shale" for the bulk of the soil mix (Perma Till doesn't float or blow away like perlite, and holds tiny amounts of moisture and nutrients yet provides crucial drainage.)

Below Left: Mixing coarse and fine Stalite

Below Center: Mixing potting soil (bark and compost) and Stalite (a fifty-fifty mix)

Below Right: Finished soil mix

Landscape Architect Rick Griffin - who designed Felder's overall garden layout - advises on fine details

Mark and Felder haul a heavy Agave skyward

  Grower/Designer Mark Patrick of the wholesale Standing Pines Nursery selects and grows hardy plants (sold under the "Southern Charm" label), and gives Felder invaluable advice and consultation  
Planting the Agave in tire planter atop green arbor   Renowned container garden guru Rita Randolph of Jackson Tennessee helps Felder arrange plants

Accessorized agave as a "top-knot" (cherry on the cake)

Overflow faucet will soon be connected to a rain barrel, for watering potted plants on a nearby deck.










View of the arbor from Felder's house roof


The Complete Flag Store owner Jim McIntyre of Jackson helps Felder get an aerial view of the arbor and garden


FINISHED ENTRY ARBOR planted with liriope, cascading rosemary, variegated ivy, sedums, and a large American agave ("century plant") as the centerpiece (not visible from this angle). More plants - including winter and spring bulbs - will be added seasonally.



NOTE of THANKS: The following people and firms were invaluable in helping in the design, construction, and planting of this project: John Weaver and Jeff Seabold (Weaver Architects), Rick Griffin (Griffin and Egger Landscape Architects), Robert Poore (Native Habitats Landscape Architect) Ronnie DeForest (consummate deck builder), Mark Patrick (Standing Pines Nursery), Stalite PermaTill (permatill.com), Hutto's Lawn and Garden Center (soil mix assistance), "Jimbo" Hulsey (construction tips and moral support), O'Neal Steel Inc., Follen Wood Preserving Inc., Carroll's Nursery, Allen Burrows (materials advice), Carl's Sheet Metal, Pharmacist Barry McCaskill (professional advice on muscle and joint salve), Ken Jones MD (pulled a metal splinter that got thrown into Felder's unprotected eye during drilling), Montgomery Ace Hardware (tools and supplies and LOTS of advice on using them), Duke Baker (tools and advice), Jim McIntyre (The Complete Flag Store) and his "cherry picker" crane for helping me get aerial photos, and of course Terryl Kimbrell Rushing, my patient partner (and wife of 26 years) who gave me slack during the whole project, when I SHOULD have been working on another book - or at least doing other stuff around the house.