Felder wants to be like everyone else


Felder is a university-trained lawn expert with over three decades of experience working with both home gardeners with lawn problems and turf professionals (including managers of golf courses, football and soccer fields, as well as home lawn maintenance businesses). He even wrote the forward to one of the most popular lawn care books in the South.

Yet, because of several reasons (gone a lot, very small garden, and pure laziness, to name a few), he has not had a personal lawn in over 20 years.

"A brain surgeon doesn't need a personal tumor" is how he justified it.

At any rate, he has finally installed a small lawn to mow, fertilize, water, and weed. It's tiny, to be sure, but, after all, it ain't how BIG it is, it's how you... well, you know.

Felder's New Lawn

Original St. Augustine lawn

Needs mowing often

Mowing not that hard when the lawn is small

Fertilizing lightly with gentle all-natural stuff

Watering is important for a small lawn


St. Augustine had to be clipped too often, so Felder replaced it with a hybrid Bermuda grass

.Sod piece taken from its peers




A few smaller lawns and turf substitutes


Neighbor mows only when his grass gets too high

Concrete and Moss


Resized lawns can be nearly no-maintenance - and still very attractive!

All the elements of a well-designed landscape: Shade trees, understory trees and shrubs, groundcovers, "hard" features, and small but well-defined lawn

Redesigned small garden with more interesting lawn