Felder has had a small garden of flowers, herbs, and vegetables - along with assorted accessories - in the back of various pickup trucks since 1988, when he started with just a sack of potting soil. He worked up to a larger bale of potting soil, and currently to a custom-made rust-proof box (and rubber mat to prevent rust in the truck bed) in the back of his dad's 1988 Ford F-150. He drives many thousands of miles a year - from Mississippi to San Antonio, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, and down to Key West - through wind, rain, snow and drought; the garden has withstood temperatures ranging from 105 down to 9 degrees F, and Felder has an official document (compliments of the Lake Charles, Louisiana police department) attesting that it can tolerate at least 81 mph (speed is a great insect control).

WHY? Simply to prove that anyone can have a garden, anywhere. 'Nuff said.


First truck crop garden - 1988



Second truck garden - bigger bag of potting soil (and help from two lovely young ladies)

Later versions planted in a permanent rust-proof box in Felder's dad's truck


Bottle racks by Stephanie Dwyer (details on Felder's main page)




.Watering at a truck stop


and Rusty the Brown Dog (who travels patiently everywhere with Felder)

. .