TOPIARY is the art and craft of pruning plants into unnatural shapes, and keeping them that way.

Whether anyone else likes it or not.

Here are few of my HUNDREDS of examples, taken all over the world,

including one of the most interesting I have ever seen - right in our own backyard...

Bonsai is topiary in miniature.


Topiary is often whimsical, as seen here near Portland, Oregon.



I have dozens of photos of topiaries taken in Japan, where

it is a very common practice in even very small gardens.


And in England, I have visited topiary gardens that go back to the 1600s.






Disney theme parks have many topiaries, including wire frames

stuffed with potting soil and planted with various vines.

But here is my favorite Disney topiary, done to plants in oversized tire planters!




My longtime friend Pearl Fryar, of Bishopville, South Carolina,

is perhaps the world's most famous contemporary topiary artists.

Pearl's personal garden has been featured in virtually every garden

magazine and TV program, and lectures across the country.

Yet he has never had a single day of training in topiary - he "just does it!"




Pearl's house foundation planting is all topiary -

as is the nearby Waffle House!




can be found along the highway between Blackhawk and Greenwood Mississippi:


Doesn't this make you think twice about shearing your shrubs

into big meatball, gumdrop, and square shapes?