in southern England

While I have been to Stonehenge several times, I finally had the thrilling adventure of visiting it during the evening and following morning of the 2011 winter solstice - which is one of the main reasons it was created in the first place. Here are a handful of shots I took:

Solstice sunset on Dec. 21



Felder joined hundreds of people to welcome the first rays of sunlight which usher in a new solar year during which the days will gradually get longer, bringing warmth and hope for spring to come...

(That's Felder in his red and white cap, holding his camera high)






Felder during 2010 winter solstice, northern England



HERE are a few other henges I have visited

And by the way, a "henge" is NOT the standing items we normally think of - it is a large round or oval Neolithic earthen berm with an inner ditch with one or more entrances cut into it; they were not defensive but used for ceremonies. A henge may or may not have an upright stone or wood structure inside.


Avebury - largest Neolithic stone circle in the world

(notice the ditch-and-berm henge detail in the back)



Wooden inner circle in Ireland


James McCormick's Stone circle in Starkville, Mississippi




Stonehenge II outside Kerrville, Texas





Carhenge in western Nebraska


Fridgehenge in Santa Fe New Mexico


Stonehenge in Athens Georgia

Stonehenge outside Maryhill, Washington





Icehenge, Fairbanks Alaska (the only photo Felder did NOT personally take)



Newgrange, in southwestern Ireland

Older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza, its inner stone room is flooded with sunlight only on the winter solstice

Detail carved on one of Newgrange's supporting stones



and... Felder's 2011 PEGHENGE

Got any ideas? Email me one of your own henge creations!










Two photos of the numerous ancient, mysterious "white horse" sculptures found on hillsides in Southern England